Vintage finds from eBay


five vintage finds from eBAy
1. 1970s blue shoes £38   2. 1930s knitted bonnet £20   3. 1960s turquoise mac £16.99   4. 1970s bib front shorts £9.95   5. 1970s cord flares £3.99 starting bid

So, maybe I’m just a little bit addicted to finding vintage clothing on eBay! This week I found a really beautiful hand knitted bonnet from the 1930’s (see the photo above) which I would buy in an instant if I had a baby to fit it…or indeed the type of baby that would keep a bonnet on for longer than a nanosecond! I started feeling sad that I couldn’t find a reason to buy it, so I thought I’d share its beauty instead.

I also found some 70s shoes which reminded me of a book we used to have when we were little called “New Blue Shoes” and some lovely bib front shorts in bright orange – these would look amazing with a bright scandi t-shirt or bodysuit, or even a beb and ooo print 🙂 I’m soooo tempted!

I’m such a fan of 60s and 70s baby wear as it’s so fun, colourful and unisex. We’d love to see any photos of vintage/retro gems you’ve found for your little ones!

Lucy x

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